Mixable items with yard waste for making mulch

Waste materials are the by-products of daily household activity and therefore their generation is normal. However, what is more, essential is their proper disposal which ensures that these waste materials do not harm the surrounding environment and health. Especially, when it comes to yard waste it becomes even more important as they can enable potential breeding of diseases, which is why people consider Yard Waste Dumpster Rentals to dispose of them. Yard waste can also be used to promote plant growth by being converted to mulch. Here are some of the ingredients that can be mixed in them for this purpose.

Fast Lane

These are the items that convert yard waste into mulch in the fastest way possible. They consist of nitrogen-rich compost activators that tend to quickly break down yard waste material. Compost piles with a cold temperature contain too much carbon and adding nitrogen, therefore, speeds up the process of decomposition. One can make use of blood meal, fertilizers and alfalfa meal, and concentrated manure to make the mulch from yard waste.

Green Stuff

Yard waste contains mostly green and brown materials and mixing them creates compost and mulch quickly. It includes wilted flowers, dried and fallen green leaves, grass clippings that are mixed with dry grass, dead leaves, and dry debris of plants, etc in equal amounts. Make sure not to use too much green material as it can make the waste smelly, wet, and slimy and will also cap over other materials and remove oxygen materials from it.

Using Bitter Fruits

Adding these fruits to the dry heaps of Yard waste can help it to decompose quickly. This happens as these vegetables and fruits tend to add moisture, nitrogen, and other organic acids to the heap as they decompose alongside. The best part about them is that they can easily be obtained from day-to-day kitchen waste.

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