How To Make A James Bond Shoulder Holster For Your Weapon

You want to be a lethal weapon, but you don’t have the money or space to get a custom holster. No problem! You can make your own custom holster for your weapon with some simple tools and techniques. But first, you need to know what type of weapon you’re using, and what type of holster is best for it. After all, if you use the wrong holster for your weapon, you could end up in a lot of trouble. Let’s take a look at how to make a custom holster for any type of weapon.

What Is A James Bond Holster

A holster is a type of clothing that is worn around the waist to protect against weapon-related accidents. Holsters are usually made from leather, cloth, or other materials and are designed to hold a firearm in a safe and comfortable position. There are many different types of holsters, including hip-fired and shoulder-fired holsters.

What Are The Different Types Of Holsters

There are three main types of holsters: retention, carry, and appendix carry. Retention holsters keep the firearm secured within the holster by retaining it within the wearer’s body. Carried holsters allow you to carry your weapon without having to remove it from your waistband, which can be useful if you’re traveling light or if you want to take your weapon with you wherever you go. Appendix carry holsters are designed for people who have smaller hands or arms and require them to wear an appendix bandoleer in order to secure the firearm within the holster.

How To Make A James Bond Holster

To make a james bond shoulder holster, first determine what type of firearm you will be using it with. Next, decide how much space you want your holster to occupy on your person (hips or shoulders). Finally, decide on how much fabric or leather should be used in order to create a comfortable and safe environment for carrying your weapon.

How To Choose The Right James Bond Holster

There are a variety of types of holsters available for handguns, including pistols and rifles. To choose the right holster for your weapon, you first need to determine what type of holster you want. This might include a traditional belt-worn holster or an attachable shoulder strap holster.

The size of your handgun will affect the fit of your holster. If your gun is a handgun with a barrel longer than 6 inches, you may need to find a holster that is larger in size. Conversely, if your gun has a shorter barrel, you may not need as large of a holster and can save money by choosing an adjustable carry waistband (ACW) holster instead.

How Do You Choose The Material

You also want to consider whether or not the Holster will be able to handle daily use or carry duty requirements like extended periods of concealment or unauthorized access to firearms while traveling outside of the United States (UAS). In order to test how well each material will hold up over time, take some typical Carry Duty uses and test them out on different days.


Choosing the right James Bond holster is a critical step in ensuring your weapon stays safe and secure. By reading this guide, you will be able to find the perfect holster for your needs. Whether you are looking for a new holster or an upgrade, we have you covered. Make sure to keep your weapons safe with our complete guide to securely storing your holsters.

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